Rules and Punishments

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Rules and Punishments

Post by Marethyu on Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:07 pm

Hey there, welcome to this site! I am currently the only admin here, Marethyu, or better known as Josh Newman in the book. I welcome you to this forum, and encourage you to get started. Currently, admin positions are opened for application, and so is the position of Moderators.

But for now, here are the rules, and you must comply completely.
1. No cussing
2. Listen to admins/moderators
3. No sexual content
4. No spamming
5. Alert if posts contain spoilers
6. No advertising (this is to be dealt with most severely)
7. Don't repost edited information, use the "Edit" button
8. Don't harass other members

1. You must create a character before posting in the RP area
2. Wait for an admin to come and fix your form.
3. PM an admin if no one replies to your post after 3 days
4. Please use proper grammar and vocabulary
5. Do not double post\

Warning 1: No effect
Warning 2: Minus 500 cash
Warning 3: Minus 1000 cash and an one day ban
Warning 4: Minus 3000 cash and an one week ban
Warning 5: account removal (do not attempt to recreate an account, we will discover it in a way)

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