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Post by Marethyu on Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:17 pm

First things first, the currency on this website is cash, specifically U.S Dollars. PM an admin to buy something, and if your current amount of money is not enough, the admins will deny your request. The admins have the rights to deny the request and/or raise the price at any time.

1. Name change: 100
2. Mystery box: 200 (random choice by the admin)
3. Awakening: 1000 - once you purchased this PM an admin to get one of your characters Awakened
4. High government ranking (Immortals only): 2000 - your character will get a high rank in any government organization, excluding the president (of any nation) - E.G: Niccolo Machiavelli is the head of DGSE, French intelligence.
5. Two extra element powers: 2500 - purchase this and your character will learn two extra elemental powers that they are currently missing.
6. Immortality: 10000 - PM an admin/moderator/someone with a Next Generation character to gain immortality for one of your characters, in exchange for your service. If your character excedes 100 years of age and their immortality is revoked, your character will die instantly, and you will have a free Immortal slot.
6. Next Generation: 30000 - PM an admin and they will make your character a Next Generation Elder. Once your character is a Next Generation, you can have a servant, and you can revoke their immortality at any time.

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